About us

We have been making machinery for pasta factories since 1994. We provide machinery for artisan fresh pasta laboratories that are looking for a high-quality end product.

Our Team

Emanuele Frontini: CEO & Founder E-MAC professional

Emanuele Frontini

CEO & Founder

Vittorio Majori: pasta expert and teacher of pasta maker course

Vittorio Majori

Pasta Expert

Paolo Fumagalli Chef

Paolo Fumagalli

Chef & Pasta Expert

Eleonora Frontini: sales specialist E-MAC professional

Eleonora Frontini

Account Manager

Laura Maranzani: Kerry Ingredients Sales Manager

Laura Maranzani

Sales Manager @ Kerry Ingredients

Giusy Pascale: Molini Pivetti Sales Manager

Giusy Pascale

Sales Manager @ Molini Pivetti

Luigi Maddalena: Molini Riggi Sales Manager

Luigi Maddalena

Sales Manager @ Molini Riggi

Our mission

Direct participation in business management, technological development, and improving and expanding the commercial network are the fundamental values of our business strategy. This is why we are continually updating our products and services, in line with the needs of increasingly competitive markets and our Italian and international customers.

Quality is our fundamental objective and is at the basis of all our strategies, in our aim of rapidly achieving new and ambitious goals.

“Opportunities don’t just happen; you create them.”

Our history



Emanuele Frontini joins the world of pasta.



As sales director, he decides to found E-MAC professional.


Pasta Concept

The core of the business focuses on pasta take away and tasting workshops.



E-MAC achieves an export share of 70% with the aim of focusing on new markets.



The first professional training courses are born to start the Pasta Expert career.


Work in progress

Today, as always, is synonymous with quality and reliability in the world.

Our partners

What customers say about us

Radionica Paste Montenegro

Danilo Mihailović

CEO Radionica Paste

E-MAC professional in Montenegro

5 stars for E-MAC professional! Communication, service, reliability, machine quality! Realy nice, precise and quiet machine.

Pasta Fresca Canada

Joe Arena

CEO Pastafresca

E-MAC professional in Canada

Great people to work with. The owner Emanuele is very hands on. Order a Machine that can do over 150kg/h works great. Will order other equipment from them. I also recommend going to his courses in Italy. Keep up the great work.

Tiroler Pasta-Manufaktur

Andrea Menichelli

CEO Tiroler Pasta-Manufaktur

E-MAC professional in Austria

Flexible and impeccable service! Remote assistance at any time. For those who want to open a pasta factory, a point of reference!

Fiori Bruna Pasta Products

Jose Yamin

CEO Fiori Bruna

E-MAC professional in Florida

I had worked with E-MAC several times and it has been great! The best customer service! Always trying to do whatever they can to satisfy our requests! I will recommend them 100%!

Pasta Murati France

Murati Pauline

CEO Pasta Murati

E-MAC professional in France

Super machines, je recommande!!