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We provide technical assistance services on machines and systems for pasta factories. We have at our disposal all the spare parts of the main brands of machines for pasta factories on the market. 


Our technical assistance team is composed of qualified mechanics who are available to intervene promptly at your pasta factory or to program a mechanical overhaul of the machines in order to ensure their perfect efficiency and stability.

The experience gained over several years as a manufacturing company allows us to ensure a fast and quality service.

We are able to identify the spare parts of a pasta machine, order/produce it and send it to your location with instructions for replacement or – if necessary – the support of one of our mechanical technicians.

We have spare parts for pasta machines, both for our brand and for all other brands.


Assistance on machines for pasta factories, quick and programmed interventions


Maintenance on lines and systems for fresh and dried pasta


Maintenance of moulds for pasta machines and control of machinery