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Automatic sheeter for pasta factories

Automatic sheeter A 160 DV

The A 160 DV automatic sheeter machine is the ideal machine to produce continuous sheets with a variable thickness from 5 to 6 mm, supplying a shaping machine (cappelletti machines; ravioli machines).

Hourly production: 150 kg/h

The automatic sheeter A 160 DV has:

Double tank

Composed of two mixing tanks with removable blade shaft for easy cleaning

Motorized tank

The overturning of the mixture produced in the second tank is motorized

Sheet wrapper

Motorized sheet wrapper to determine the size of the pasta sheet roll

Sheeting unit

The sheeting unit consists of 3 rollers with special sections

Technical specifications

Sheet width160 mm
Capacity40 + 40 kg
Hourly production150 kg/h
Speed2,5 kg/min
Power4,5 kw
Weight510 kg
Cappelletti machine RCK 140

Cappelletti machine RCK 140

Cappelletti machines are suitable for the production of filled pasta with a simple sheet of pasta. They are used in small and medium artisan pasta laboratories.
Thanks to the interchangeable moulds, you can change in a few seconds the shape of the pasta, producing other formats of cappelletti and agnolotti (cappelletti pinched, cappelletti mignon and large, tortelloni frastagliati, mezzelune, etc.).
The machine is complete with calibrating rollers that allow the adjustment of the thickness of the sheet.
Machine free from painting, structure on trolley and in compliance with safety regulations.

Hourly production: 50 kg/h

Cappelletti machine RCK 140 has:

Calibrating rollers

Calibrating rollers to allow the adjustment of the sheet. Variable rolling speed.

Constant filling

The filling is supplied continuously using a screw system. The filling is introduced into the cap via “rods”.

Light and humidity

Electronic control of the speed of the production and fan power for the control of the humidity of the sheet.

Waste recovery

The RCK 250 is also equipped with a waste recovery system.

Technical specifications

ModelRCK 140
Sheet width140 mm
Hourly production50 kg/h
Weight330 kg
Power1,5 kw
Ravioli machine

Automatic ravioli machine RS 160

The automatic ravioli machine RS 160 is a double sheet ravioli machine suitable for the production of already separated ravioli filled with meat, vegetables and cheese. Thanks to the interchangeable moulds it is possible to produce ravioli of different sizes (squared, round, half-round, triangular, fish, mushroom, flower, heart, etc.).

The quantity of the filling can also be adjusted while the machine is running. The filling is supplied through the “press” system.

The ravioli machines are supplied with two pairs of calibrating rollers for the adjustment of the thickness of the two sheets. Finally, the machine is composed of a conveyor belt to transport the finished product on the crates and baskets.

Hourly production: 80 kg/h

Some of the fundamental aspects of the RS 160 ravioli machine:

Calibrating rollers

Rollers to calibrate the thickness of the two pasta sheets

Filling supplying system

“Press-fed” filling supplying system for soft fillings


Quick coupling system for the moulds of the ravioli machine, which can be replaced in a few seconds.

Shaping system

Innovative shaping system that allows a perfect sealing of the two sheets of ravioli.

Optional: flour remover, waste recovery system, automatic pasta cutter

Technical specifications

ModelRS 160
Hourly production80 kg/h
Sheet width160 mm
Weight170 kg
Power0,75 kw
Florida 150 - Machine for pasta factories

Extruding machine Florida 150 DV

Fresh pasta machine for medium-large productions.

Ideal machine for producing short and long extruded fresh pasta and for supplying shaping machines (ravioli machinescappelletti machines).

The machine is able to produce any type of pasta, fresh and dry, with or without eggs and gluten free, as well as producing pasta sheets of any thickness. This machine is able to work with different levels of humidity.

The “Florida 150” extruding machine is equipped with two mixing tanks, one of which can be tilted. This allows you to be faster with the mixing process, without “downtime”. It is also equipped with fans that speed up pasta pre-drying.

Hourly production: from 100 to 150 kg/h

Equipment for the Florida 150 extruding machines:


Automatic electronic pasta cutter for short pasta production

Watercooled duct

Water-cooled extrusion duct to ensure continuous production

Adjustable extrusion

Electronic control of the extrusion screw to adjust the production speed

Temperature control

Electronic system for the constant control of the temperature of the extrusion tube

Technical specifications

Hourly production100/150 kg/h
Weight350 kg
Power5,5 kw
Gnocchi machine GN6

Gnocchi machine GN 6

Automatic gnocchi machine suitable for the production of potato gnocchi or dumplings. The GN 6 gnocchi machine is equipped with an automatic dusting machine that allows a dusting of the gnocchi. It is also equipped with a device that allows you to adjust the size and the rifling of the gnocchi as well as choose whether to produce smooth or striped gnocchi.
An electrical system is able to control the production quantity of the gnocchi by controlling the speed of the screw, while another electrical system controls the speed of the cutting blades to determine the length and size of the gnocchi.
Thanks to the conveyor placed on the side of the machine, it is possible to feed the dumpling machine continuously without having to interrupt the process. The moulding block of the machine can be removed. This facilitates cleaning operations.
The moulding block can be easily replaced in a matter of seconds. This allows us to produce dumplings of different diameters (from the classic dumpling to potato grains, etc.).
All the components in contact with the dough are made of food grade stainless steel and offer a complete guarantee against corrosion, as well as facilitating cleaning operations.
The GN 6 automatic gnocchi machine is delivered on a trolley, is paint-free and is equipped with all safety devices in compliance with current regulations.

Hourly production: 200/250 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production200/250 kg/h
Weight220 kg
Power2,5 kw