Profumo di Pasta

E-MAC professional for Profumo di Pasta
Web site: Type of activity: Artisan pasta factory

From an early age, the Riceputi family was fascinated by watching Nonna Silvana roll out the dough so easily.

The way she used the rolling pin, she pinched the spinach and ricotta filling and finally, how he closed the pasta to make fabulous herb ravioli made them become more and more passionate about the world of homemade pasta.

So in 2020, a year that for Italy and the world marked the end of many activities and more, they decided to start over, giving life to a project that had been in the drawer for too long, turning to E-MAC professional with great confidence and results.

Profumo di Pasta is a small company where produce fresh pasta but not only. It also deals with gastronomy and other services. It is a cuisine that combines tradition with innovation, it is certain that Nonna Silvana’s Romagna origins will dominate.

Profumo di Pasta uses exclusively Italian raw materials and if possible at Km Zero.

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