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“Opportunities do not appear,
you have to create them.”

Since 1994 we have been operating in the sector of machines and systems for pasta factories. We sell machines for fresh pasta laboratories that are looking for a high-quality final product.

Our mission

The direct participation of the owners in the management of the company, the technological evolution, and the strengthening of the commercial network are fundamental values in our business strategy. That’s why we periodically update our products and services, in line with the needs of increasingly competitive markets and our Italian and international customers.
Total quality is our fundamental objective and is at the base of all our strategies to reach new and ambitious goals soon.
Each one of our products is designed and manufactured specifically for the environment in which they will be used: from the small laboratory, to the exclusive and sophisticated elite restaurant, to the spacious kitchen areas of large restaurants and hotel chains, but also in fast food and pizzerias or communities (company canteens, hospitals, etc..).
This is how our customers can always count on the advantages (and lower costs) involved in industrial production. Besides, the customization of the craftsmanship, makes each plant unique, built with passion and ideal for any place and audience.

Because with E-MAC you produce pasta all over the world!

E-MAC professional - Pasta Concept & Equipment

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

1990. Experience

Emanuele Frontini, after a decade of experience in the advertising field, with experiences abroad, joins the world of pasta.

2010. Foundation

Emanuele Frontini used his 20 years of experience as Sales Director at a leading company in the pasta sector to establish E-MAC professional srl

2011. Leadership

Following the development of production processes and the launch of commercial strategies, E-MAC has received several awards, which allows it to achieve a position of absolute leadership in this industry.

2012. Pasta Concept

The core of the activity immediately focuses on the fresh pasta workshops with take away and samplings that become the core business. The first modern projects in Italy and abroad were born to consolidate this choice

2013. International market

To cope with the continuous expansion of the international market with an increasingly complete and technologically advanced range of products, E-MAC participates in the Fine Food Sidney trade fair in Australia, where it acquires important customers such as: Alligator Pasta (Melbourne), International Taste (Sydney), Just Italy (Victoria), and many others.

2014. Eco-sustainability

The history of E-MAC continues to evolve, developing new policies of eco-sustainability. In the light of the social responsibility that defines the commitment of the company’s management, the company pays particular attention to ecology and energy efficiency.

2016. Export

E-MAC achieves an export share of 70%. The objective is to increase market shares in countries where the E-MAC brand is already present, and at the same time to focus on new markets such as Central Africa and South East Pacific.

2017. International trade fairs

Participation in the most important national and international trade fairs has allowed the company to conquer new markets, which have thus been able to know and appreciate the advantages of the complete catalog of E-MAC professional fresh and dried pasta machines, constantly enriched by new models, and by the use of innovative technologies.

2018. Advanced training courses

The first professional courses to start the Pasta Experts’ career have been launched. High level training to learn how to produce fresh and dry pasta

Today. Work in progress

The rest is still relevant: E-MAC today, as always, is synonymous with quality and reliability. And it will be like that tomorrow too.

Paolo FumagalliPaolo Fumagalli
Fasta PastaFasta Pasta
Genova DelicatessenGenova Delicatessen
Massas ItalianyMassas Italiany
Mirko PastaMirko Pasta
Nonna MarescaNonna Maresca
Alligator Brand Fresh PastaAlligator Brand Fresh Pasta
Fiori BrunaFiori Bruna
Noosa Farmers MarketNoosa Farmers Market
Bozza PastaBozza Pasta

The E-MAC team


Emanuele Frontini

Emanuele Frontini

Founder & CEO
Paolo Fumagalli

Paolo Fumagalli

Chef & Pasta Expert
Alessandro Aldrovandi

Alessandro Aldrovandi

Pasta Expert

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