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Advanced training: courses on fresh, dry, and gluten-free pasta.

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Open a pasta factory?

Professional courses of fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta in Milan, Italy

– Five full immersion days
– Certificate of attendance
– Online teaching material
– Network of partner contacts

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The courses for professional Pasta Makers are an excellent starting point for all those who want to open a pasta factory and for those who already have an activity in the field and want to improve their products.

For over 25 years, has been a leader in the sector of machines and systems for pasta factories. We supply pasta machines and take care of artisan and industrial pasta factories in their first phase, providing advice and assistance on 5 continents.

It is from our passion for Made in Italy that the professional courses for Pasta Makers are created, advanced training courses followed by experienced Pasta Makers, chefs and food technologists. Theoretical training, practice on pasta production machinery, challenges and competitions to learn from mistakes, tasting of the pasta produced, design of the future local and specialized advice to design a variety of products.

A course of advanced training aimed at owners and employees of pasta factories, restaurants, gastronomies, farmhouses, canteens, cafeterias, etc.. but also beginners who want to take up this profession to offer their customers a product of the highest quality, enjoyable and quick to consume.

What do we talk about in the Pasta Maker courses?

Fresh pasta, dried pasta, gluten-free pasta, organic pasta, potato gnocchi, pasta shapes and fillings.

Each participant in our professional pasta courses will have an active role throughout the course, with practical tests and working with soft wheat and ground semolina, production of long, short, stuffed pasta and regional shapes.

We have set up a pasta laboratory equipped with an entire kitchen where you can cook directly the pasta you have produced and enjoy it on site.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance certified by the company E-MAC professional.

During the courses for Pasta Makers, there will be several interventions of professionals and several important guests. This is an important event to expand your network of contacts with other operators in the sector and an opportunity to get in touch with professionals and technicians with many years of experience in the field of fresh, dried and gluten-free pasta.


30 hours of advanced training held by professionals and experts in the field


Interventions by professionals in the sector and case history of existing pasta factories


Specialized consultancy for pasta factories and for the production of pasta

Who is the audience of the Pasta Maker course?

The course for pasta makers is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs but also at owners of pasta factories, restaurants and gastronomies.
An event aimed at developing and improving your professional skills by addressing the main issues of pasta. In addition to training, you will have a general overview of trends and news in the world of catering, so you can have a complete preparation and improve your professional growth.
Get up to date, but also get to know and be known with moments dedicated to networking. With this event, you can increase your skills, share a training course with your employees and grow your team. In addition, you can expand your network by getting in touch with other business realities and better known brands.

We will also talk about the use of fresh pasta machines, what it takes to open a pasta factory and how to open a pasta take away.

The courses are held in Fenegrò (Como, Italy) – a few kilometers from Milan – in our pasta laboratory and showroom of over 100 square meters.

The cost of the course includes 30 hours of professional training, an E-MAC apron, access to the reserved area with material and handouts to download, discount for any purchase of pasta machines.

We have an agreement with a hotel just a few steps from the laboratory in order to facilitate all those who are coming from far away.

Alessandro Aldrovandi

Alessandro Aldrovandi

Pasta Expert
Paolo Fumagalli

Paolo Fumagalli

Emanuele Frontini

Emanuele Frontini

CEO & Founder

Programmed courses timeline

With reference to the COVID-19 situation currently present in Italy, we inform all customers that the following dates are completely confirmed and we inform that we have introduced all precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. All rooms are completely and constantly sanitized and certified, the staff is responsible of keeping the work tools sanitized and it is supervised that everyone uses the individual protection devices delivered by us at each entrance (mask, gloves, disinfectant, temperature control).

Course for Pasta Maker16-17-18-19-20 April 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker21-22-23-24-25 May 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker18-19-20 June 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker16-17-18 July 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker17-18-19 September 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker15-16-17 October 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker19-20-21 November 2021€ 800Como, Italy
Course for Pasta Maker10-11-12 December 2021€ 800Como, Italy

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