Bench dough sheeters

Bench sheeters for pasta makers mod. SF

Sheeting pasta machines for bench

The range of bench dough sheeters are machines designed to obtain the desired thickness of pastry or pizza.
They solve the problems of small and medium production in artisan and industrial pasta factories.
The system of use makes the machines extremely versatile and practical, having only the adjustment of the thickness, it is therefore possible to obtain different thicknesses of the dough from zero to 7.5 for both dough and pizza, particularly when cutting.
It is therefore possible to lay out batters of all widths from cm.22, cm.32, cm.40, cm.50.
Made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum with wooden cylinders for a home-made pastry or made of steel for longer life.
The machines have a high degree of reliability while the accident prevention systems and finishes complete the pleasant aesthetic appearance and the indispensable safety for the operation.

Model SF 220 SF 250 SF 320 SF 400 SF 500
mm. 220 ø 38 250 ø 55 320 ø 55 400 ø 55 500 ø 55
Engine Volt 230/50Hz 400-230/50Hz 400-230/50Hz 400-230/50Hz 400-230/50Hz
Power Kw 0,15 0,20 0,60 0,60 0,60
Kg 15 24 32 38 44
cm. 40x22x30 48x35x40 55x35x40 64x35x40 75x45x45
Semi-automatic pasta sheeters

Semi-automatic dough sheeters for Pasta Makers

Semi-automatic dough sheeter machines

Semi-automatic dough sheeters are models that are used in the various sectors of pasta production. They are used in particular as machines for shops or laboratories for the production of fresh pasta, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets.

Group for the production of dough, preparation of dough and cutter composed of:

  • Kneading tank with tilting flour duster with shaft, removable blades (only on Mod. 320) in stainless steel material
  • Rollers manually adjustable for the production and processing of the dough at the desired thickness
  • Cutters (optional) with cuts of different widths for the production of tagliatelle, pappardelle, linguine, etc …
  • Structure in die-cast and worked aluminum, side panels in aluminum, base in painted steel, surfaces in contact with the dough built in stainless steel and in materials suitable for contact with food
  • Safety guards with a mechanical coupling and disengagement system on the tank for opening the lid on the tank, block protection grid on rolling mill cylinders with emergency and reverse locking system, emergency pedal, machine lock and reverse for the machine itself .
Model C 280 C 320
Mixer Bowl 11 Kg
with fixed shaft
16 Kg
with fixed shaft
Cut sheet 4 cuts 5 cuts
Sheet thickness 0-4 mm 0-10 mm
Security grid Si Si
Standard measures
Cut sheet
1,5 - 2,5 - 5 - 10 1,5 - 2,5 - 5 - 10 - 15
Hourly production 30 Kg/h 40 Kg/h
Engine power 1,1 Kw 2,0 Kw
Weight 150 Kg 280 Kg
Dimensions 80x90x140 cm 90x120x150 cm
Cut sheet width 300 mm 330 mm
Automatic dough sheeters

Automatic sheeters for Pasta factories

Automatic dough sheeter machines

Automatic Pasta Sheeters are automatic machines for the production of dough and continuous dough rolls with a thickness of 5/6 mm, allowing the feeding of forming machines such as cappelletti machines or ravioli machines.

The dough laminator group consists of pairs of stainless steel rollers with special profiles mounted on four shoulders.

The external lateral shoulders are the seat of the bearings, while the two polyethylene inner shoulders are used to contain the dough and are 20 mm apart. from the steel shoulders; this eliminates any possibility of infiltration of moisture in the bearings.

With a simple maneuver, the polyethylene containment shoulders can be spaced from the cylinders, allowing thorough cleaning of all parts in contact with the dough.

The cleaning operations are facilitated thanks to the possibility of removing the conveyor belt and the shaft with blades of the mixing bowl.

The widely tested manufacturing technologies and safety devices make the use of the machine practical and safe.

Model A 160 DV A 250-265 DV A 300-320 DV A 500-540 DV
Double Tank
Sheet width 160 mm 250-265 mm 300-320 mm 500-540 mm
Hourly production 150 kg/h 240 kg/h 300 kg/h 480 kg/h
Tank capacity
20 + 20 kg 65 + 65 kg 65 +65 kg 65 + 65 kg

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