Bench ravioli machine 30

Bench model ravioli machine mod. “30”

Double sheet ravioli machine single-phase

Our ravioli machines are all made of food-grade stainless steel and can be used with interchangeable molds so as to be able to produce different sizes of ravioli having a single machine (square ravioli, triangular, round and half-round ravioli). The mold replacement operation is extremely quick and simple. Ravioli machines can be fed with the dough produced by kneading presses. The thickness of the dough is adjustable directly on the ravioli machine and it is possible to produce ravioli with any filling (soft like meat, cheese, vegetables, etc …). Furthermore, upon request, we make molds for personalized ravioli.

Technical data
Production 20-25 kg/h
Power 0,25 Kw
Sheet width 100 mm
Automatic ravioli machine

Automatic ravioli machines models RAV 120 – 160 – 250

Double sheet automatic ravioli machines

Double sheet ravioli machines. These machines are suitable for the production of ravioli already separated with meat, vegetable and cheese fillings in different formats (square, round, half-round, triangular, fish, mushroom, flower, heart, etc.). The filling quantity is adjustable even when the machine is running, the filling is supplied with the “a torchietto” system. The machines are supplied complete with two pairs of calibrating rollers for adjusting the thickness of the two sheets. Finally, the machine is composed of a conveyor belt to transport the finished product onto the boxes and baskets.

Model RAV 120 RAV 160 RAV 250
Sheet width 120 mm 160 mm 250 mm
Ravioli hourly production 60 kg/h 80 kg/h 120 kg/h
Engine power 0,75 Kw 0,75 Kw 1,1 Kw
Dimensions cm 70x75x175h cm 75x75x175h cm 95x115x165h
Weight 150 kg 170 kg 215 kg

Designed and Developed by Igor Redaelli