FUTURINA, the combined fresh pasta machine for Restaurants, Pasta Makers and Gastronomy that intend to produce a wide variety of pasta shapes and types.

Designed for small spaces and limited investments. The Futurina is designed with a modular structure, this allows the integration of other parts and options later or the purchase of the complete machine. All the accessories are easy to assemble with the machine.

The sheeter is the heart of the Futurina. Browse which will be used with the other components of the machine or for other purposes, including the preparation of lasagna or cannelloni.

Combined fresh pasta machine restaurants pasta makers gastronomy FUTURINA

The sheeter can be applied:

  • Tilting dough mixer, equipped with a removable kneading shaft to facilitate cleaning
  • Cutter in three sizes to make tagliolini, spaghetti alla chitarra, tagliatelle and pappardelle
  • Double sheet ravioli machine with interchangeable molds, replaceable in a few moments, which allows the production of different ravioli formats
  • Group of Gnocchi forming dumplings

The components of Futurina are made of stainless steel and other materials suitable for food use.

Dimensions of the machine and its components:

Composition Weight Dimensions
Sheeter 60 kg 37 x 45 x 50 cm
Sheeter + Kneading machine 70 kg 37 x 45 x 50 cm
Sheeter + Kneading machine + Cutter 78 kg 29 x 45 x 50 cm
Sheeter + Kneading machine + Ravioli machine 96 kg 72 x 45 x 90 cm
Sheeter + Kneading machine + Cutter + Ravioli machine 104 kg 95 x 45 x 90 cm
Technical data
Sheeter rollers width 200 mm
Kneading machine bowl capacity 4 Kg
Size cutter 1,8 - 6 - 10 mm
Electric absorption 0,65 Kw
Engine power 0,75 HP
FUTURINE Combined machine fresh pasta components
Combined fresh pasta Futurina ES

Futurina ES combined pasta machine based on extruder

The combined pasta machine mod. Futurina ES is based on an extruder differently from the “Futurina” model which is based on the sheeter.

A combined pasta machine that allows you to produce short and long pasta and dough for lasagne and cannelloni.

With the simple replacement of the die, you can produce fresh pasta in all the desired formats, including tagliatelle, spaghetti, macaroni, fusilli, etc … as well as puff pastry of every thickness for lasagne and cannelloni.

The machine is equipped with a double-sheet ravioli machine to produce different ravioli formats quickly and easily, thanks to the interchangeable molds and the possibility of preparing the dough rolls with the automatic sheet winder.

In addition, the machine is composed of accessories to be included in the ravioli group which also allows the production of gnocchi and potato grains of all sizes and lines.

Futurina ES ravioli machine and gnocchi machine
Technical data
Dimensions 75 x 80 x 100 cm
Weight 80 Kg
Kneading machine bowl capacity 4 Kg
Sheet width Ravioli 100 mm
Pasta extruded production 18 kg/h about
Ravioli production 25 kg/h about
Gnocchi production 20 kg/h about
Engine power 0,75+0,25 HP
Electric absorption 1,00 Kw
Magnifica 50 automatic fresh pasta combined machine

Automatic fresh pasta combined machine model “Magnifica 50”

Automatic pasta machine suitable for the production of fresh or dry pasta such as macaroni, spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, fusilli, etc …, egg pasta, gluten-free pasta and dough of any thickness suitable for lasagne and cannelloni or for feeding machines forming machines such as ravioli machine (on the machine) or cappelletti machine.

The “Magnifica 50” machine is composed of:

  • Double mixing tank, one of which can be folded (for continuous dough production)
  • Food-grade stainless steel shafts and paddles, completely removable and removable to facilitate cleaning
  • Fan for pre-drying the pasta
  • Adjustable electronic knife to produce short pasta of different sizes
  • Double sheet ravioli unit with calibrating rollers to adjust the thickness of the sheet
  • Adjustable filling feeding system (ideal for soft fillings such as ricotta and spinach)
Technical data
Height 180 cm
Width 118 cm
Depth 102 cm
Weight 280 Kg
Electric absorption 2 Kw
Pasta extruded production 35/45 kg/h circa
Ravioli machine production 60 kg/h circa
Combined automatic fresh pasta Magnifica 160

Automatic fresh pasta combined machine model “Magnifica 160”

4 Machines in 1: the perfect match!

The “Magnifica 160” combined fresh pasta machine is composed of:

  • Kneading machine with a capacity of 20 kg
  • Automatic dough sheeter composed of a laminator group for the dough sheet
  • Automatic double sheet ravioli machine for detached ravioli fed with a 160mm wide sheet with calibrating rollers to adjust the thickness of the ravioli sheet. The grafting and replacement of the ravioli molds is very simple and intuitive as well as quick and requires no key, the filling quantity is adjustable even when the machine is in operation. The ravioli unit is suitable for processing any type of filling from simple ravioli with low-fat ricotta and meat, to special fillings, mushrooms, pumpkin, fish, salmon, etc. with various formats.
  • Automatic cutter for the production of puff pastry for lasagne, cannelloni, handmade ravioli, spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, etc … of various lengths. Complete with regulator for desired pasta thickness.

The Automatic Combined Machine for fresh pasta Mod. Magnifica 160 is a machine suitable for processing the dough (working it completely cold so as not to alter the egg) by passing it inside the stainless steel rollers. Patented Machine.

Height 1700 mm
Width 1400 mm
Depth 800 mm
Weight 390 kg
Engine power 3 Kw
Sheet width 160 mm
Combined fresh pasta machine MAGNIFICA 120

MAGNIFICA 120 fresh pasta combined machine

Combined machine for fresh pasta model MAGNIFICA 120 suitable for mixing, laminating and cutting of pasta in pappardelle, tagliatelle, fettuccine, tagliolini, angel hair, spaghetti alla chitarra, lasagna and the production of detached double-sheet ravioli with soft fillings of meat, cheese, fish and vegetables in various formats such as pictures, rounds, crescents, triangles, hexagons, fish, mushroom, heart, etc.

The machine is composed of:

  • a large mixing bowl with a mixing capacity of up to 15 kg
  • a laminator unit with a width of 28 cm and adjustable from 0 to 4 mm in thickness with an adequate size for a professional lamination that allows to work the mixture without any stress, avoiding the consequent overheating, guaranteeing a sheet with the ideal organoleptic qualities.
  • calibrating rollers mounted on bearings to eliminate maintenance and lubrication
  • double sheet ravioli machine width cm. 12 with larger calibrating rollers ø mm. 55 mounted on bearings without lubrication, the quantity of filling is adjustable during processing, the rapid insertion of the molds allows the substitution of the format in a few seconds allowing an extreme flexibility of use of the ravioli machine which becomes particularly suitable for the production of various formats in the same production cycle.
  • an innovative forming system has been adopted on over 60 mold formats for separate ravioli. To obtain a perfect sealing of the ravioli sheets and thus avoid the opening and the exit of the filling during cooking, an efficient closing method was applied; during the forming of the raviolo a particular system of reliefs formed around the filling seat performs an effective expulsion of the filling between the sheets ensuring an adequate sealing of the edge
  • pasta cutter with 4 cutting pairs for the preparation of tagliatelle, tagliolini, angel hair and pappardelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, fettuccine, etc.
  • interchangeable molds for the production of already separated ravioli
Mixer 15 Kg
Sheet width 280 cm
Ravioli hour production 50 kg
Sheet hour production 35 kg
Engine power 1,1 Kw
Dimensions 140x100x170 cm
Weight 340 kg
Cutter sheet 280 mm - 4 size - 1,5/2,5/5/10

Designed and Developed by Igor Redaelli