Machines for the production of fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta.

E-Mac Professional has machines for pasta factories, machines for fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta, pasta-processing machinery such as driers, trabatto, pasteurizers and finally equipment for pasta factories such as counters, furniture, meat mincers, slicers, etc.

A pasta machine or pasta line from E-MAC PROFESSIONAL is the right answer for all those looking for a reliable, punctual, professional partner with leading brands in the market.

Combined machines fresh pasta for Restaurants, Pasta Makers and Gastronomy

Magnifica 50 automatic fresh pasta combined machine
Combined fresh pasta machine restaurants pasta makers gastronomy FUTURINA
Futurina ES ravioli machine and gnocchi machine

Machines for short pasta

Short pasta machines

Long Pasta Machines

Long pasta machines

Ravioli Machines

Ravioli machines

Gnocchi Machines

Auitomatic Gnocchi machines

Cappelletti Machines

Cappelletti and pelmeni machines

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