How to open a pasta factory?

Opening a fresh pasta workshop is an initiative destined for success. But only to certain
conditions. Success must be built: step by step!
A high quality product, as good as fresh homemade pasta, is what the consumer seeks, and is
the goal to which, therefore, the future pasta maker must strive. To get it, however, you need a guide.

how to open a pasta factory

E-MAC PROFESSIONAL is an ideal guide to follow the aspiring pasta since
first steps.
In fact, our company has always taken care to provide future pasta makers free of charge
indications on how to start a fresh pasta production activity.

This precious task is initially carried out by the sales staff, who guides the pasta maker in the
choice of the type and location of the store, identifying location and structure that
they adapt better to everyone’s needs.

fresh pasta take away
Fresh Pasta Take Away

The technical office, then, in collaboration with the sales office, develops the plan of the
laboratory of fresh pasta, with the optimal arrangement of the machines and equipment necessary for the
production of fresh pasta, and with an indication of the connection points to the electricity, water and gas networks.

The choice, of fundamental importance, of the machines that will compose the laboratory of
production of fresh pasta takes place under the careful advice of the specialized personnel in the
modern business establishment.

Finally, a training course for pasta makers, supporting the customer with pasta experts, who
will allow you to learn the basics of your job, providing, among others, the concepts
fundamental on:

  • How to organize work in the various stages of production (preparation, cooking,
  • How to choose the raw materials (semolina, eggs, flour, meat)
  • Possible processes of pasteurization, drying, sterilization and packaging
  • The CEE and HACCP regulations of the sector
  • These and many others are the skills that our company wants to transfer to new pasta makers, refining them the offer of innovative and customized solutions and guaranteeing high results quality.

What is needed to Open a Pastificio Artigianale?

To start with your fresh pasta factory, you need only a room of 35 – 100 square meters.

Here are other details for your artisan pasta factory:

  • Location: Minimum consumption area of ​​5-6,000 inhabitants
  • Location: Central, neighborhood, shopping centers, tourist locations.
  • Administrative authorizations: suitability for trade in food products. any suitability and authorization for the operation of food supply and
  • Employees: Minimum 3 max. 5
  • Training: yes, at our company or directly in the new fresh pasta shop (recommended)
  • The overall investment for opening a room can be estimated at a minimum of €. 50,000.00 to a maximum of € 120,000.00

The products that will offer your artisan pasta factory:

  1. Ravioli all formats
  2. Cappelletti all formats
  3. Local pasta products
  4. Tagliatelle – Lasagna
  5. crepes
  6. Sauces and Sauces
  7. Fine gastronomy
  8. appetizers
  9. First dishes
  10. Second dishes
  11. Side Dishes
  12. Desserts

Why choose E-Mac Professional to open a pasta factory?

E-Mac Proessional, leader in the restaurant and fresh pasta sector, also offers:

1) On-site assessment of the status of your premises
2) Furniture design (our architect)
3) Design of any restoration works including water system and
electric, masonry works with our specialized staff
4) Complete furniture store fresh pasta (including assembly)
5) Illuminated sign
6) General technical advice
7) Support of one of our expert pasta specialist
new store
8) Continuous post-opening assistance
9) List of all local and national raw material suppliers
10) Schedule of operations to be followed after sale

What are you waiting for? It’s the right time to Open a Pastificio! Contact us now for a free quote.

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