Consulting and Training

One of the strengths of E-Mac Professional is the ability to listen to the needs of the customer and assist him in identifying the best solution designed ad hoc according to needs.

Consultancy is essential for the customer because it allows him not to make mistakes with his fresh pasta business.

We make sure that the customer knows how to use our machines for fresh pasta and that they know how to produce a perfect fresh pasta.

The E-Mac Professional team, on request, also provides a layout with the arrangement of machinery and equipment to get an idea of your fresh pasta shop or your industrial pasta factory.

Technical assistance

The customer is always the center of attention!

The E-Mac Professional will take care of training to use your machines by testing everything.

We are always available to customers to provide details and “secrets” to produce a perfect fresh pasta.

Our technicians will always be at your disposal to assist machines for pasta factories.

Starting complete pasta factories

We are specialized in starting up pasta factories for the production of fresh pasta.

You can use it to open a pasta factory for the production of fresh pasta, dry pasta, gluten-free pasta, egg pasta and organic pasta.

Over 25 years of experience to offer you the best solution.

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