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Combined machine magnifica 50

Combined machine Magnifica 50

Combined automatic machine suitable for the production of fresh, dry, egg, gluten-free pasta and for the production of pasta sheets of any thickness.

Hourly production: from 40 to 50 kg/h

The combined machine Magnifica 50 has:

Double tank

Double mixing tank, one of which can be tilted


Fan for pre-drying pasta

Electronic knife

Electronic adjustable knife to produce short pasta shapes

Ravioli machine

Ravioli group supplied by a double pasta sheet and with calibrating rollers

Technical specifications

Height180 cm
Width118 cm
Depth102 cm
Weight280 kg
Power2 kw
Cappelletti machine RCK 140

Cappelletti machine RCK 140

Cappelletti machines are suitable for the production of filled pasta with a simple sheet of pasta. They are used in small and medium artisan pasta laboratories.
Thanks to the interchangeable moulds, you can change in a few seconds the shape of the pasta, producing other formats of cappelletti and agnolotti (cappelletti pinched, cappelletti mignon and large, tortelloni frastagliati, mezzelune, etc.).
The machine is complete with calibrating rollers that allow the adjustment of the thickness of the sheet.
Machine free from painting, structure on trolley and in compliance with safety regulations.

Hourly production: 50 kg/h

Cappelletti machine RCK 140 has:

Calibrating rollers

Calibrating rollers to allow the adjustment of the sheet. Variable rolling speed.

Constant filling

The filling is supplied continuously using a screw system. The filling is introduced into the cap via “rods”.

Light and humidity

Electronic control of the speed of the production and fan power for the control of the humidity of the sheet.

Waste recovery

The RCK 250 is also equipped with a waste recovery system.

Technical specifications

ModelRCK 140
Sheet width140 mm
Hourly production50 kg/h
Weight330 kg
Power1,5 kw
Gnocchi machine GN2

Gnocchi machine GN 2

Automatic gnocchi machine suitable for the production of potato gnocchi or dumplings. Equipped with a device for the regulation of the size and the rifling of the dumpling.
With an automatic dusting device for dusting the dumplings and a device that allows you to produce both smooth and striped dumplings.
The handy rear conveyor allows the gnocchi machine to be supplied continuously, directing the dough directly onto the screw conveyor without having to stop the machine.
All the components in contact with the dough are made entirely of stainless steel and offer a complete guarantee against corrosion as well as being easy to dismantle to facilitate cleaning.
The GN 2 gnocchi machine is delivered on a trolley, is paint-free and is equipped with all the safety devices in accordance with current regulations.

Hourly production: 80 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production40/50 kg/h
Weight80 kg
Power0,75 kw
Two-door refrigerator for storing fresh pasta

Double door refrigerator for pasta factories

Double door refrigerator cabinet ideal for use in small-medium artisan pasta laboratories. Made of stainless steel both internally and externally. The ceiling and the external panel are made of galvanized steel sheet.
The doors have a sealing, the 60mm insulation is in CFC-free polyurethane, the internal corners are rounded and the front part is equipped with an electronic control panel.

Included in the series:

  • 6 plastic grids
  • 6 pairs of stainless steel guides
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet

Built-in group working with GAS R404A.
Automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensated water.
High resistance group.

Operating temperature -2/+8°C at an ambient temperature of +43°C and relative humidity of 65%.

Optional: wheels, lights, key lock, pastry kit, GN2/1 stainless steel grill, glass door.

GAS cooker with 4 burners for pasta factories

GAS or electric cooker with 4 burners for pasta factories

GAS or electric cooker with 4 burners, ideal for small and medium fresh pasta laboratories.

Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Wire joints, 15/10 thick moulded tops, removable basins and rounded edges to facilitate cleaning operations.

Models available with an open compartment, swing doors, static and GAS ovens or electric ovens.

Sales counter for gastronomy and take-away pasta factories

3 meters sales counters for pasta factories

Sales counter for pasta factories consisting of static display case, 3 meters long and with a temperature of +3°/+5°C.
Ideal for installation in confined spaces thanks to its compact size. Technology and design made in Italy, easy to install, low energy consumption, low environmental impact and tanks made without the use of CFC.
They can also be customized on request.

Included in the series:

  • Thermoformed and insulated sides with tempered glass
  • Electronic control panel
  • Refrigerated reserve with doors
  • Ceiling light with LED lighting
  • Scratch-proof worktop
  • Display surface in white painted sheet metal suitable for food use

Models available with curved tempered glass, painted sheet metal top and straight tempered glass.

Work table for pasta factories with shelf

2 meters table for pasta factories

Neutral stainless steel work table ideal for small artisan pasta factories, gastronomies, restaurants and pasta take away. Composed of a lower shelf and squared legs.

Dimensions: cm 200x70x85/90

Tritacarne e grattugia per pastifici

Meat grinder and grater for pasta factories

Meat grinder and grater combined with hopper. Made of stainless steel, removable grinding unit, 52mm meat inlet, enterprise system with stainless steel plate and self-sharpening stainless steel knife.
Electric cutter for pasta factories

Professional cutter for pasta factories

Professional cutter for small pasta factories and gastronomies. 8 litre capacity, three-phase and two-voltages electric input.

Ideal for chopping, shredding, cutting, homogenizing, mixing, etc. a variety of products without altering their characteristics.

Made of stainless steel and equipped with safety devices to prevent accidents in accordance with the new CE standards.

Lavello a due vasche con sgocciolatoio

Sink with 2 tanks and draining tray

Sink with 2 tanks + drip tray ideal for artisan pasta laboratories with a production of 50 kg/h. Composed of two tanks and a drip tray on the right.