Business Plan to Open a Pasta Factory

23 November 2019 | 2 minutes of reading

Making pasta is a great business. Whether it’s fresh, dry, or gluten-free pasta, this industry is continuously growing both in Italy and abroad.

Business Plan to Open a Pasta Factory

For a successful business, you need the right strategy, the right market analysis, and the perfect design of your artisan laboratory or pasta take away. Nothing should be left to chance. The details are what makes the difference. For over 25 years, we have been looking for new pasta concepts, and we accompany the customer during all the steps to open a pasta factory and, of course, the preparation of the business plan to open a pasta factory.

Do you need a business plan to open a pasta factory?

The answer is YES. To open a pasta factory, you must have a business plan with all the market analysis, raw material costs, sales strategy analysis, budget and investment management, etc..

We at E-MAC also take care of this. During the development phase of your project, we will think for you about all these aspects that are fundamental for the success of your pasta business.

The profit margin with a artisan pasta factory is very high: the cost of the raw material rarely exceeds 20-30% of the selling price of your products.

By taking part in our courses for Pasta Experts, you will have the opportunity to understand the basics of producing fresh, dried, and gluten-free pasta, and you will have a chance to interact with our consultants to develop the right strategy and launch the project for your pasta factory. You will have to decide between a wide choice of sauces and fillings, new shapes in line with tradition and territory, find a place near schools and offices, design the workshop and plan an area where your clients can eat your products.

The most popular format in recent years is undoubtedly pasta take away: a fresh pasta workshop with visible production, cooking of the pasta in front of the customer’s eyes and tasting on-site, or take-away thanks to the convenient containers for take-away pasta.

While drafting the business plan to open a pasta factory, we will plan all these aspects with you.

To start, you need a few tables, a few wall cabinets and of course a room in the right position. We’ll take care of the rest.

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