Opening a pasta factory in 2020: machines, consulting and training

19 January 2020 | 3 minutes of reading

Opening a pasta factory in 2020 is still a great business, and this is not only valid in Italy.

The opportunity for a successful pasta business is now very high even abroad. This is confirmed by the data regarding the export of pasta abroad.

Opening a pasta factory in 2020: machines, consulting and training

According to internal studies carried out by our company, in 2018, about 60% of the pasta business started by our company is abroad. This makes us understand how the “Made in Italy” is increasingly popular even abroad where pasta is still relatively unexplored. Opening a take away pasta abroad is a successful idea if you want to start your own business.

For over 30 years E-MAC professional has been dealing with pasta. We start pasta businesses of every size, from the small artisan laboratory with pasta machines that can produce 15 kg/h to the industrial pasta factory with pasta machines that can produce 120 kg/h.

Machines, consulting, training. These are the 3 concepts that describe our company.


Pasta machines

We have pasta machines of all sizes. Machines for the production of fresh pasta, dry pasta and gluten-free pasta. Production ranging from 5 kg/h up to 500 kg/h of pasta. Cappelletti machines, gnocchi machines, ravioli machines, combined machines, pasta dryers, pasta pasteurizers, pasta extruders, etc.

A wide range of machines for fresh pasta to suit all the needs of our customers:

Consultancy for pasta factories

A team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of pasta, made available for the start-up of artisan and industrial pasta factories of all sizes.

One of our strengths is our consultancy. We assist the client in every phase of the start-up of his pasta business.

What can we do for you?

  • Pasta business concept development
  • Planimetry and layout of the premises
  • 3D rendering of your pasta factory
  • Market analysis and sector studies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business plan to open a pasta factory

A team of professionals will accompany you in every phase of the design and start-up of your establishment as well as providing technical assistance on pasta machines.

Professional training for pasta makers

One of the last “pieces” that constitutes our company is the professional training for pasta makers.

The demand to open a pasta factory is increasing but to start off on the right foot and be successful you need professional skills that are not negligible.

E-MAC professional offers courses for professional Pasta Makers ideal to start off on the right foot in the world of pasta.

Three “full immersion” days to learn together step by step the production of fresh, dry, organic and gluten-free pasta.

Are you thinking about opening a pasta factory? For over 30 years we have been supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to validate and bring their pasta business to the market. Fill in the following form to get a free consultation.

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