Open a gluten-free pasta factory

Opening a gluten-free pasta factory is a growing and trendy option. Gluten-free pasta is the ideal solution for celiacs, but also for those who wish to vary their diet with alternative products to traditional fresh pasta.

Open a gluten-free pasta factory with E-MAC professional

In the last few years, we have come up with solutions and pasta machines for customers who wish to open a gluten-free pasta factory.

The artisanal pasta sector is expanding rapidly, and the requests from those wanting to open a pasta factory are increasing exponentially every year. Today, if you are passionate about the pasta sector and intend to open a gluten-free pasta factory, setting up on your own and starting a career in the world of gluten-free pasta is a real option.

In a gluten-free pasta factory it is important to carefully evaluate the variety and quality of your products, and to offer a wide assortment of special or even organic condiments, so that they can be eaten by those suffering from celiac disease.

Gluten-free pasta alternatives

It would be a good idea to offer wholemeal products as alternatives to traditional fresh pasta, such as:

  • Rice pasta
  • Corn pasta
  • Legume-based pasta
  • Buckwheat pasta
  • Quinoa pasta
  • Soy pasta
  • Lupin pasta

The better your gluten-free pasta workshop is organised, offering varied and high-quality products, the more chance there is of expanding its customer base.

What do you need to open a gluten-free pasta factory?

To open a gluten-free pasta factory, you can start with a small room of around 40 to 50 square metres, divided into two areas: one dedicated to production, the other to sales.

In our range of machines for producing gluten-free pasta we have:

  • Vacuum extruders for pasta
  • Gnocchi machines
  • Ravioli machines
  • Fresh pasta cutters
  • Dough mixers

In our range of equipment for producing gluten-free pasta we have:

  • Working tables
  • Electronic scales
  • Cold rooms
  • Kitchen tools (mincers, vegetable cutters, knives, ladles, etc.)
  • Gas or electric cookers for preparing condiments and sauces
  • Refrigerator for storing fresh produce

More and more people are suffering from celiac disease, so opening a gluten-free pasta factory is a worthwhile business initiative. Especially during the holiday periods, a pasta factory can generate excellent income, even with customers who are always on the look-out for healthy and natural products to “eat well and live healthily”. This is why it is important to focus on the quality of the finished product, combining it with a variety of healthy and organic toppings.

To learn how to produce gluten-free pasta, you can follow our courses for professional pasta makers. You will acquire all the basic skills you need to make gluten-free pasta using our machinery.

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