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What do you need to do and how do you have to do it to open a fresh pasta store

Aprire un pastificio artigianaleOpening a pasta factory is still a successful initiative in 2020. However, the success of a fresh, dried, and gluten-free pasta shop must be built up step by step. A product of the highest quality, as tasty as fresh artisan pasta, is exactly what the consumer is looking for, and it is the goal that a future Pasta Expert should aim at from the beginning: he must introduce a product of the highest quality on the market. To achieve this, several essential theoretical and practical skills are required.

For this reason, we have also introduced professional courses for pasta experts at E-MAC, aimed at all those people who wish to open an artisan pasta factory for the production of fresh, dried and gluten-free pasta, but also at those who already have an activity in the sector and wish to implement the pasta or to improve their product in order to make it perfect.

The company E-MAC is on the market as an ideal guide to follow the aspiring pasta experts from the very first steps, introducing them to the sector by attending our professional courses for pasta experts, developing the sales strategy and business plan to open a pasta factory, studying the premises and the layout of the pasta machines and providing assistance during the opening phase of the pasta factory with valuable advice and indications on how to follow the activity of production of fresh pasta.

This valuable support is initially provided by the sales office that guides the aspiring pasta expert in the selection of the type of room and location. Subsequently, the technical department gets involved, and it – in collaboration with the sales department – develops the plan of the new pasta laboratory, with the optimal arrangement of the pasta machines and equipment of the pasta factory, identifying the points of connection to the electricity, water and gas networks.

The choice of the machines for the production is of fundamental importance and must be evaluated according to the needs of each customer and the type of room he intends to realize.

What do you need to know to open a pasta factory?

  • Organisation of work in a pasta factory (preparation, cooking and packaging of pasta)
  • Choice of raw materials (semolina, eggs, flours, meat)
  • Pasteurisation processes for pasta
  • Pasta drying processes
  • Sterilisation and pasta packaging processes
  • The EEC and HACCP regulations of the sector

Through our training course for Pasta Experts and the support of an experienced Pasta Expert, you will be able to learn all the basics of the profession and acquire the basic skills to open a pasta factory.

What do I need to open a pasta factory?

To open a pasta factory you need to find a room of about 35-100 square meters located in a place with a minimum population of 5000 inhabitants. The restaurant must be located in the historical centre, in a district, in a shopping centre or in a tourist resort.

The following administrative authorizations are required to start the business:

  • Suitability for trade in food products
  • Possible suitability for carrying out the activity of food and beverage distribution
  • Opening of the VAT number and registration in the Company Registry

The minimum staff in an artisan pasta factory is 3 people and the maximum is 5 people in small artisan pasta factories.

The training is available directly at our headquarters in Milan and with our experienced Pasta Maker who will go to your pasta factory and will stay for the entire opening phase.

The total investment to open a place can be estimated from a minimum of € 50,000.00 to a maximum of € 120,000.00. These figures are obviously symbolic and vary according to the type of product you want to offer and the quantity of production.


Do you plan to open a pasta factory? Contact our sales team now for a quote or for information on our courses for Pasta Experts.

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