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Pasta Take Away, a new pasta concept

Pasta Take Away, the new pasta concept that in recent years is becoming increasingly popular both abroad and in Italy. A new concept of fresh pasta completely innovative, based on speed and quality.

Today, the time we have to consume a good pasta is very limited, so the take away pasta sector is becoming popular.

Delivery times are crucial. To make sure that our delivery times are much shorter than those of our competitors, we need to have a perfect order management method and start preparing dishes before the customer has even arrived to pick them up. But how can we optimize the timing? Using technology! Through an APP, customers can book directly from the office or from home. This could also involve the new generations – but not only – who constantly use smartphones.

Take away pasta is a solution designed for all those who want to open a pasta factory but who have small budgets and small places.

The concept of take away is based on the fresh pasta shop that offers products ready to be picked up and enjoyed directly at home or in the office while still hot. Still, it is also possible to provide a small area in the room where our customers can stop and comfortably eat their meal.

The fresh pasta dishes are produced at the moment with the pasta extruder and are cooked at the moment, in front of the eyes of the customer. The laboratory will be arranged in a way that lets customers see the production of fresh pasta and the cooking of their dishes as it happens.

The customer can decide – depending on the room – to enjoy his plate of fresh pasta directly on-site or to take it away thanks to take-away containers explicitly designed for the transport of the product without it tipping over or losing quality.

It is also essential to have a wide choice of pasta shapes and seasonings, offering new products and unique dishes every day. You will have to satisfy the palate of all customers!

Who is the audience of Pasta Take Away

Take away pasta is a solution for all those who want to start a new working career in the pasta sector even if they do not have the slightest experience. Still,it is also aimed at operators already in the industry who want to expand their business and their market by offering this “take-away” service/product.

It is always possible to expand our receipts even further by offering a home delivery service near the restaurant, perhaps still providing it through a mobile APP that allows customers to book their plate of fresh pasta in a fast and straightforward way.

What do you need to open a Pasta Take Away

To start, you need a room of about 30/50 square meters with the possibility of installing a chimney. The position is fundamental and should never be underestimated. This will be the factor that will affect the success of your business the most. You will need to find a place that is well located near offices and schools.
The room must be connected to the three-phase 380 Volt power supply and connected to the water supply.

As for the machines and equipment needed to open a pasta take away, there are:

  • Extruder for fresh pasta
  • Ravioli machine
  • Two refrigerators (one negative and one positive)
  • A grated meat grinder
  • A slicer
  • Two induction plates
  • A sink with two basins
  • Two neutral stainless steel tables
  • Pasta cooker
  • Convection oven
  • Neutral sales counter

With the purchase of a take away solution, EMAC professional offers free professional training together with the supply of pasta machines and equipment for the pasta factory. Through the courses for Pasta experts, organized periodically and with the presence of experts and professionals, you will have the opportunity to understand the fundamental concepts of the pasta world.

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