Opening a take-away pasta shop

Opening a take-away pasta shop is becoming an increasingly popular venture. Take-away pasta is an innovative concept in the consumption of fresh pasta based on three key points: simplicity, speed, and quality.

Open a pasta take away with E-MAC professional

These days, the time we have to enjoy a plate of healthy and high-quality, fresh pasta is very limited, which is why more and more take-away pasta shops are springing up to satisfy this demand.

Opening a take-away pasta shop is a genuine business opportunity, especially for those who want to open a pasta factory but have smaller budgets and premises.

The concept of the take-away pasta factory is based on the traditional fresh pasta shop but with the difference that it offers ready-made dishes to take-away and to be enjoyed at home or in the office. You can also provide a small space inside the shop where customers can enjoy their plate of fresh pasta.

Fresh pasta is produced with an extruder pasta machine and is cooked on the spot, right in front of the customer. This type of pasta workshop, where the production process is clearly visible to the customers, is becoming increasingly popular. Customers can see exactly how their fresh pasta is made and how their dishes are prepared.

The customer can decide (depending on the shop) whether to eat their fresh pasta dish in the shop or to take it away, thanks to containers that have been designed specifically for take-away pasta that allow the product to be transported while preserving its appearance and quality.

For a successful take-away pasta business it is equally important to offer a wide choice of pasta shapes and toppings and sauces, and to have new products and special dishes every day to satisfy the palates of all your customers.

Another fundamentally important aspect of a take-away pasta service is delivery times. As we said before, the time we have to enjoy a plate of fresh pasta is very limited, so it is essential to have the shortest possible preparation times, compared to the competition, perhaps by equipping your shop with a digital system for managing orders and deliveries.

The use of digital and social media to increase the revenue of fresh pasta businesses is very common nowadays, especially given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

According to some 2018 research carried out by Unioncamere, the number of Italian companies offering a take-away service increased by 17%, and three out of five Italians have ordered a “take-away” meal in the last few months.

Who is the Take-Away Pasta shop suitable for?

A take-away pasta shop is ideal for all those who wish to start a career in the pasta sector with no experience at all but, obviously, it is also aimed at those already in the catering sector who want to expand their business by offering an artisanal product, such as fresh pasta.

What you need to open a Take-Away Pasta shop

To open take-away pasta shop you need a room of about 30 to 50 square metres in area, which can be fitted with a flue. The location of the place is vitally important. This will be the factor that will have the biggest impact on the success of your take-away pasta business. Therefore, it is very important to find a place that is located near offices, schools, or places of interest.

As for the pasta machines and the equipment needed to open a take away pasta, we have:

  • Extruder pasta machine
  • Double-sheet ravioli machine
  • Two refrigerators (chiller/freezer)
  • A meat grinder
  • A slicer
  • An induction hob
  • A sink with two basins
  • Two stainless steel kitchen tables
  • Pasta cooker
  • A combi steam oven
  • A sales counter

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