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Cappelletti machine RCK

Cappelletti machines are suitable for the production of filled pasta with a simple sheet of pasta. They are used in small and medium artisan pasta laboratories.
Thanks to the interchangeable moulds, you can change in a few seconds the shape of the pasta, producing other formats of cappelletti and agnolotti (cappelletti pinched, cappelletti mignon and large, tortelloni frastagliati, mezzelune, etc.).
The machine has built-in calibrating rollers that allow the adjustment of the thickness of the sheet.
Machine free from painting, structure on trolley and in compliance with safety regulations. 

Hourly production: from 50 to 100 kg/h

The cappelletti machines RCK 140 and RCK 250 have:

Calibrating rollers

Calibrating rollers to allow the adjustment of the sheet. Variable rolling speed.

Constant filling

The filling is supplied continuously using a screw system. The filling is introduced into the cap via “rods”.

Light and humidity

Electronic control of the speed of the production and fan power for the control of the humidity of the sheet.

Waste recovery

The RCK 250 is also equipped with a waste recovery system.

Technical specifications

ModelRCK 140RCK 250
Sheet width140 mm250 mm
Hourly production50 kg/h100 kg/h
Weight330 kg365 kg
Power1,5 kw2,3 kw