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Combined machine magnifica 50

Combined machine Magnifica 50

Combined automatic machine suitable for the production of fresh, dry, egg, gluten-free pasta and for the production of pasta sheets of any thickness.

Hourly production: from 40 to 50 kg/h

The combined machine Magnifica 50 has:

Double tank

Double mixing tank, one of which can be tilted


Fan for pre-drying pasta

Electronic knife

Electronic adjustable knife to produce short pasta shapes

Ravioli machine

Ravioli group supplied by a double pasta sheet and with calibrating rollers

Technical specifications

Height180 cm
Width118 cm
Depth102 cm
Weight280 kg
Power2 kw
Macchina combinata per pasta fresca Magnifica 120

Combined machine Magnifica 120

Combined machine for fresh pasta, suitable for mixing, sheeting and cutting of pasta sheets into pappardelle, tagliatelle, fettuccine, tagliolini, capelli d’angelo, spaghetti alla chitarra, lasagne and for the production of double sheet ravioli of various sizes.

Hourly production: from 35 to 50 kg/h

The combined machine Magnifica 120 has:

Large tank

A large mixing tank with a mixing capacity of up to 15 kg

Sheeting unit

A sheeting unit 280 mm wide and with adjustable thickness from 0 to 4 mm

Ravioli machine

Double sheet ravioli machine, 120 mm wide, with adjustable filling quantity and moulds that can be changed in less than a minute.


Pasta cutter with 4 different cutting pairs suitable for the production of tagliatelle, tagliolini, capelli d’angelo and pappardelle, fettuccine, etc.

Technical specifications

Dimensions140 x 100 x 170 cm
Weight340 kg
Power1,1 kw
Ravioli production50 kg/h
Dough production35 kg/h
Combined machine magnifica 160

Combined machine Magnifica 160

Automatic combined machine suitable for the production of pasta sheets, long pasta and ravioli, already separated into different formats. The Magnifica 160 is a pasta machine that works completely in a cold state so that the egg is not altered. Patented model.

Hourly production: from 30 to 80 kg/h

The combined machine Magnifica 160 has:

Mixing tank

A mixing tank with a capacity of 20 kg

Automatic sheeter

An automatic sheeter composed of a laminating unit for the pasta sheets

Automatic ravioli machine

Automatic double sheet ravioli machine for separated ravioli, supplied with an adjustable 160mm sheet. Moulds can be changed in less than a minute.

Automatic cutter

Automatic cutter for the production of pasta sheets for lasagne, cannelloni, hand closed ravioli, tagliatelle, pappardelle, etc. of various lengths.

Technical specifications

Height170 cm
Width140 cm
Depth80 cm
Weight390 kg
Power3 kw
Ravioli production60/80 kg/h
Pasta production30/50 kg/h