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Table cutter for fresh pasta

Table cutters model TB

The table cutters for fresh pasta laboratories are suitable for cutting the sheet of pasta in different formats such as noodles, pappardelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, capelli d’angelo, etc…

Cutters with 4 cuts and different sizes. Entirely in stainless steel.

Technical specifications

ModelloTB 250TB 300TB 330TB 330 B
Sheet cuts4 cuts4 cuts4 cuts5 cuts
Sheet width250 mm300 mm330 mm330 mm
Engine power0,22 kw0,22 kw0,37 kw0,37 kw
Weight30 kg30 kg40 kg40 kg
Dimensions45x45x45 cm50x60x60 cm55x60x60 cm55x65x65 cm
Automatic cutter for pasta factories

Automatic cutters model TS

The automatic pasta cutters for pasta factories are machines suitable for the production of fresh pasta such as tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, capelli d’angelo, lasagne, etc..

The automatic cutters carry out a cross cutting of the pasta sheet at the desired length with an electronic speed regulator. The machine also has a conveyor belt for the transport of the finished product.

Hourly production: from 80 to 300 kg/h

The automatic pasta cutters Model TS have:

Replaceable moulds

System with interchangeable moulds to produce different shapes by simply changing the mould.


Sheeter with adjustable cylinder speed and adjustable sheet thickness from 0 to 2 mm

Sheet cutter

Interchangeable moulds to change the cut of the sheet and to produce different formats of long pasta.

Flour sifter

Optional: flour sifter to install on the cutter

Technical specifications

ModelTS 160TS 250TS 320TS 500
Sheet width340 kg340 kg340 kg340 kg
Hourly production80 kg/h120 kg/h150 kg/h300 kg/h
Engine power1,4 kw1,4 kw1,8 kw4,4 kw
Weight240 kg270 kg300 kg570 kg
Dimensions85x110x150 cm72x110x150 cm80x110x150 cm110x170x155 cm