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Small drier for pasta factories

Dryer for small pasta factories EC/24

Dryer/Pre-dryer ideal for small activities such as restaurants, farmhouses and small pasta factories that need to dry fresh pasta, both filled and pasteurized.

Drying capacity: 50 kg per cycle

The dryer for small pasta factories EC/24 has:


24 fir wood frames for drying filled and unfilled fresh pasta


PLC for the electronic control of the temperature, the management of the pause-work times and the inversion of the ventilation

Technical specifications

Number of frames24 pcs
Frame dimensions700×460 mm
Capacity per cycle (cool)50 kg
Dimensions206x147x76 mm
Voltage380V trifase
Drier for dry pasta
Pasta drier with PLC

Static pasta dryers

The static dryers for pasta are made entirely of pre-painted white sheets, insulated and filled with hot injected polyurethane foam and high heat resistance. They are supplied with frames for drying all types of pasta (short, long, filled or not).

The dryers for pasta are equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a digital instrument that allows the control of temperature and humidity thanks to the probes installed inside the dryer and thus allowing to make corrections to the drying parameters if the humidity exceeds the values previously set.

All the dryers are also available in the frame + rack version and in the stainless steel structure of the machine.

Drying capacity: from 100 to 800 kg per cycle

The pasta dryers of the EC series have:


Spruce wood frames for drying filled and unfilled fresh pasta


PLC for temperature and humidity control with the help of sensors that automatically make corrections


Electric heat exchanger and humidity control


Stainless steel rack for frames with swivel wheels

Pasta dryers models

Number of frames25 pcs50 pcs100 pcs150 pcs200 pcs
Power5 kw11 kw15 kw21 kw30 kw
Capacity per cycle (cool)100 kg200 kg400 kg600 kg800 kg