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The “Florida” extruding presses are suitable for producing any size of pasta (with or without egg). Among these formats there are tagliatelle, spaghetti, spaghetti alla chitarra, pappardelle, macaroni of various sizes, as well as pasta sheets of any thickness for the production of lasagne and cannelloni, as well as the typical regional specialties.
Florida 30 - Machine for home made pasta

Extruding machine Florida 30

Fresh pasta machine designed for home made pasta. The Florida 30 line produces fresh pasta of various sizes. The machine is powered by single-phase voltage.

Hourly production: 2,5 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production2,5 kg/h
Tank capacity0,8 kg
Weight21 kg
Power0,38 kw
Florida 70 - Machine for small restaurants

Extruding machine Florida 70

Pasta machine suitable for small productions at home and in small farmhouses. The machine is powered by single-phase voltage and is able to produce all shapes of extruded pasta.

Hourly production: 4 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production4 kg/h
Tank capacity1,3 kg
Weight28 kg
Power0,38 kw
Florida 75 - Machine for small restaurants and farmhouses

Extruding machine Florida 75

Professional pasta machine suitable for small pasta factories, gastronomies, farmhouses and restaurants. The machine is equipped with an electronic knife for the production of short pasta. If requested, it is possible to have it on a trolley with wheels. Completely made of stainless steel.

Hourly production: 8 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production8 kg/h
Tank capacity2,6 kg
Weight68 kg
Power0,75 kw
Florida 95 - Machine for restaurants and pasta factories

Extruding machine Florida 95

Fresh pasta machine ideal for small pasta factories, restaurants and gastronomies that need continuous production. Thanks to the water-cooled extrusion tube, this machine is able to produce pasta continuously.

Hourly production: 15 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production15 kg/h
Tank capacity8 kg
Weight115 kg
Power1,1 kw
Florida 110 - Machine for small artisan pasta factories

Extruding machine Florida 110

Pasta machine ideal for pasta factories and restaurants of medium size. This machine can be used to produce fresh pasta in different shapes. The machine is equipped with an electronic knife to produce short pasta. Equipped with a water-cooled duct for continuous production, and a fan.

Hourly production: 25 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production25 kg/h
Tank capacity6,25 kg
Weight135 kg
Power1,5 kw
Florida 110 DV - Machine for pasta factories with double container

Extruding machine Florida 110 DV

Double mixing tank extruding machine suitable for pasta factories and medium sized restaurants. This machine is able to produce different pasta shapes thanks to its wide range of pasta moulds. The machine is fed with a three-phase voltage. Equipped with an electronic knife to produce short pasta. It has a water-cooled duct for continuous production, and a fan.

Hourly production: 50 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly productions50 kg/h
Tank capacity6,25 kg + 6,25 kg
Weight200 kg
Power2,5 kw
Florida 150 - Machine for pasta factories

Extruding machine Florida 150 DV

Fresh pasta machine for medium-large productions.

Ideal machine for producing short and long extruded fresh pasta and for supplying shaping machines (ravioli machinescappelletti machines).

The machine is able to produce any type of pasta, fresh and dry, with or without eggs and gluten free, as well as producing pasta sheets of any thickness. This machine is able to work with different levels of humidity.

The “Florida 150” extruding machine is equipped with two mixing tanks, one of which can be tilted. This allows you to be faster with the mixing process, without “downtime”. It is also equipped with fans that speed up pasta pre-drying.

Hourly production: from 100 to 150 kg/h

Equipment for the Florida 150 extruding machines:


Automatic electronic pasta cutter for short pasta production

Water-cooled duct

Water-cooled extrusion duct to ensure continuous production

Adjustable extrusion

Electronic control of the extrusion screw to adjust the production speed

Temperature control

Electronic system for the constant control of the temperature of the extrusion tube

Technical specifications

Hourly production100/150 kg/h
Tank capacity25 kg + 30 kg
Weight350 kg
Power5,5 kw