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Semi-automatic sheeter for fresh pasta

Semi-automatic sheeter C 280

Semi-automatic sheeter machine suitable for sheeter lamination and cutting. With the C 280 sheeter you can cut the sheet into tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, capelli d’angelo, lasagne, etc.

Hourly production: 30 kg/h

The sheeter C 280 has:

Mixing tank

A large mixing tank with a capacity of 15 kg


300 mm pasta cutter with 4 different cuts for the production of long pasta shapes


Sheeter with 280 mm sheeting rollers and adjustable sheet thickness

Technical specifications

Sheet width280 mm
Capacity15 kg
Hourly production30 kg/h
Power1,1 kw
Weight240 kg
Semi-automatic sheeter for pasta factories

Semi-automatic sheeter C 320

The semi-automatic sheeter C 320 is an ideal machine for the production of pasta sheet and is used in fresh pasta laboratories, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.

Hourly production: 60 kg/h

The sheeter C 320 has:

Mixing tank

20 kg mixing tank with removable blades completely made of food grade stainless steel


320 mm rolling cylinders with freely adjustable sheet thickness


Cutters for the production of long pasta with 5 different cuts

Stainless steel & safety

All surfaces in contact with the pasta are made of food-grade stainless steel. The machine is equipped with all the protection and safety devices.

Technical specifications

Sheet width320 mm
Capacity20 kg
Hourly production60 kg/h
Power1,5 kw
Weight360 kg
Automatic sheeter for pasta factories

Automatic sheeter A 160 DV

The A 160 DV automatic sheeter machine is the ideal machine to produce continuous sheets with a variable thickness from 5 to 6 mm, supplying a shaping machine (cappelletti machines; ravioli machines).

Hourly production: 150 kg/h

The automatic sheeter A 160 DV has:

Double tank

Composed of two mixing tanks with removable blade shaft for easy cleaning

Motorized tank

The overturning of the mixture produced in the second tank is motorized

Sheet wrapper

Motorized sheet wrapper to determine the size of the pasta sheet roll

Sheeting unit

The sheeting unit consists of 3 rollers with special sections

Technical specifications

Sheet width160 mm
Capacity40 + 40 kg
Hourly production150 kg/h
Speed2,5 kg/min
Power4,5 kw
Width510 kg
Automatic sheeter and rolling machine

Automatic cutters A 250 DV and A 320 DV

Rolling sheeters for automatic pasta factories with double tank for the production and rolling of pasta sheets of 5 mm. Adjustable speed of the sheet output thanks to the inverter, and built-in conveyor belt to support the sheet.

Hourly production: from 250 to 300 kg/h

The automatic sheeters for pasta factories mod. A 250 DV and A 320 DV have:

Double tank

Two mixing tanks with paddle shaft, one for mixing and the other for supplying. Complete with cover and independent motorized tipping.

Production speed

A variable speed geared motor allows you to adjust the production of pasta sheets to align it with the rhythms of a shaping machine

Conveyor belt

Composed of an output conveyor belt to accompany the sheet in a shaping machine

Easy cleaning

Made entirely of stainless steel, with removable components and front and rear panels that can be removed.

Technical specifications

ModelA 250 DVA 320 DV
Capacity45 + 45 kg45 + 45 kg
Sheet width250 mm320 mm
Hourly production250 kg/h300 kg/h
Weight1100 kg1200 kg
Power6 kw6 kw