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Pasteurizers for pasta

Steam pasteurizers mod. PV

Pasteurizers for fresh, long, short and filled pasta suitable for the heat treatment of fresh and filled pasta through a heating system with boiler integrated in the machine and a heat exchanger immersed in water. The pasta pasteurizers are designed to eliminate as much heat dispersion as possible in the environment and to reduce consumption as much as possible while still having an excellent yield.

Hourly production: from 50 to 300 kg/h

The fresh pasta pasteurizers of the PV series have:

Stainless steel

Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and mounted on adjustable legs

Conveyor belt

Stainless steel conveyor belt, pulled by side roller chains and stainless steel gears.

Condensate collection

Lower condensate collection tank located along the entire length of the pasteurization area, equipped with condensate drains.

Extraction hood

Humidity extraction hood with anti-condensation system built-in and partialisation damper, which can be lifted together for better cleaning.

Electric pasteurizer with baskets for pasta

Electric pasteurizer with baskets mod. PC

Pasta pasteurizer with electric baskets suitable for all laboratories that do not have much space but want to pasteurize their products. A completely electric pasteurizer for the treatment of fresh pasta (both filled and not).

Hourly production: 30 kg/h

The pasta pasteurizer mod. PC has:

Stainless steel

Pasteurizer completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and tubular structure with wheels

Steam hood

Upper hood for steam containment

4 Baskets

4 perforated sheet metal baskets for product pasteurization

Heat source

Heat source for the tank with triple electric immersion heaters