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The ravioli machines are all made of stainless steel for food use. They can be used with interchangeable moulds so that they can produce different sizes of ravioli having a single machine (squared ravioli, triangular ravioli, round, and half-round, etc.). Changing moulds is extremely quick and straightforward. In a few seconds, you can change the shape or size of the ravioli machine.
The automatic ravioli machines are supplied by two reels of pasta sheets produced with extruder presses.
The thickness of the sheet is adjustable thanks to the calibrating rollers, and it is also possible to produce ravioli with any filling (meat, cheese, vegetables, fish, amaretti, etc.).
The machines for ravioli have several options available on request. It is also possible to request moulds for customized ravioli machines based on a drawing.

Table ravioli machine

Table ravioli machine RS 30

Table ravioli machine ideal for restaurants, gastronomies and small laboratories. The RS 30 table ravioli machine can be used to produce ravioli filled with meat, vegetables, ricotta and spinach of various shapes and sizes thanks to the interchangeable moulds. The quantity of ravioli filling can also be adjusted while the machine is running. Powered by single-phase voltage.

Hourly production: 20-25 kg/h

Technical specifications

Hourly production20-25 kg/h
Sheets width100 mm
Weight45 kg
Power0,25 kw

Automatic ravioli machine RS series

The automatic ravioli machines RS 120, RS 160 and RS 250 are double sheet ravioli machines suitable for the production of already separated ravioli filled with meat, vegetables and cheese. Thanks to the interchangeable moulds it is possible to produce ravioli of different sizes (squared, round, half-round, triangular, fish, mushroom, flower, heart, etc.).

The quantity of the filling can also be adjusted while the machine is running. The filling is supplied through the “press” system.

The ravioli machines are supplied with two pairs of calibrating rollers for the adjustment of the thickness of the two sheets. Finally, the machine is composed of a conveyor belt to transport the finished product on the crates and baskets.

Hourly production: from 60 to 120 kg/h

Some of the fundamental aspects of the RS 120, RS 160 and RS 250 series are:

Calibrating rollers

Rollers to calibrate the thickness of the two pasta sheets

Filling supplying system

“Press-fed” filling supplying system for soft fillings

Replaceable moulds

Quick coupling system for the moulds of the ravioli machine, which can be replaced in a few seconds.

Shaping system

Innovative shaping system that allows a perfect sealing of the two sheets of ravioli.

Optional: flour remover, waste recovery system, automatic pasta cutter

Technical specifications

ModelRS 120RS 160RS 250
Hourly production60 kg/h80 kg/h120 kg/h
Sheets width120 mm160 mm250 mm
Weight150 kg170 kg215 kg
Power0,75 kw0,75 kw1,1 kw